Our Services at OXS Games

Custom Branded Games Development

At OXS Games, we specialize in creating custom branded games that align perfectly with your company's identity. We believe that games are a powerful tool for brand engagement and we craft each game with your marketing goals at the forefront.

Consultancy in Game Design and Development

With a wealth of experience under our belts, we offer consultancy services in both game design and development. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to improve an existing game, our expertise can guide you through the process to ensure your game stands out in the competitive market.

Exclusive Publisher Collaborations

We pride ourselves on our ability to work exclusively with top-tier publishers to bring your game to a wider audience. Our collaborations are designed to maximize the reach of your game while maintaining its unique essence.

Cooperative Prototype Development

Our development process is highly collaborative, and we work closely with firms from the prototyping stage to ensure that the game not only meets but exceeds expectations. We're open to iterative feedback and believe that the best games are created through a partnership approach.

Open to Investors

At OXS Games, we're always looking to expand our horizons and welcome investors who are eager to be a part of the next big hit in the gaming industry. Join us, and let's create games that captivate and engage players across the globe.