OXS Games: An Innovative Journey in the Gaming World


Welcome to the magical world of OXS Games - where every game is an extraordinary adventure! Established in 2020 by Coinoxs, OXS Games has been merging the thrill of hyper-casual games with the depth of simulation games since 2022. We continue our journey on mobile platforms, creating unique experiences for iOS and Android users.

At the heart of our games are two experienced game engineers, Sinan Ali Şeker and Ege Örcün. These creative minds aim for perfection in every pixel and line of code. Sinan and Ege's innovative approaches and technical expertise not only make OXS Games stand out with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay but also with integrated currency and membership systems. Yes, you heard it right! With a single account, you can play any game in the OXS Games universe, meaning your earnings and purchases in one game are valid in all our other games.

At OXS Games, we create games that take you to new worlds with every touch, pushing the boundaries of the mobile gaming experience. With OXS Games, gaming is not just entertainment, but a journey of discovery and a life experience. Join us on this innovative journey through the gaming world!


Builded & Invested by Coinoxs
  • New generation technology using AI.
  • Use same account for our games.
  • We have strategic plan about WEB3 games.

Our Experts Team


Sinan Ali Şeker

CEO & Developer

Ege Örcün

CO-Founder & Developer